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About WeiLong Logistics

WeiLong Logistics provide services in the field of road, sea, rail, air transportation and a full range of warehousing services. We make your life easier by planning, packing, analyzing and distributing the goods. The fastest and the safest way to ship and receive your freight without difficulties. By entrusting the delivery of cargo to our company, you will avoid any problems and extra temporal costs.

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The fastest and the safest way to ship

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The fastest and the safest way to ship

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Our Services

WeiLong Logistics is a Chinese freight forwarder, providing professional freight forwarders, air freight, amazon freight forwarder and other services.

Express delivery service solutions to our customers

The most cost-effective way of delivering large quantities.

Reliable air freight service, secure delivery with flexible options

Balance the rate and delivery speed that will be best suited

Amazon preparations and shipping processes from China.

We make your life easier by distributing the goods.

Covering Over 300 Ports in More Than 150+ Countries

We provide you a team of experienced logistics specialists who will ensure your cargo is moving expediently, safely, and with full visibility to you.

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